Simple Billable Hours Tracking

Simple function, simple configuration, simple structure

No complex per-user pricing!

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Pay us once, and never again if you don't want. Per license billing, just like back in the 90s!

Time tracking

Tracking time on a task has never been easier than with XARP. Whether you need live tracking or retrospective recording, XARP makes keeping a record of your billable hours is fast and accurate. Though some companies require detailed records and per hour, minute or second time recording, others need single entries per user, per task, per day. Either option is available in XARP, with a simple change in configuration.

What could you make the software do?

We can customise the software to do pretty much anything you want. We quote and bill separately for customisations, but again, all are one-off costs. Some enhancements we have applied to XARP in the past:

  • A custom CRM. This client didn't even need time tracking, we simply used the base and fitted communications and event logging.
  • Company-specific quoting engine. A client asked us to create a form to sit on his public web page and allow potential customers to generate their own quotes. All controlled and configured inside XARP.
  • Deal tracking software that conformed to a specific complex set of company structures and processes. This customer now runs their entire online business through XARP.
  • Integrations with many off-the-shelf software services, including: MYOB, Xero, Sage One, Experian, Mandrill/Mailchimp, and more

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The Bottom Line

No per-user pricing. It's your software, to customise as you like!

That's right! You buy the license outright, just like back in the good old 90s! And the best part: We can customise the software to suit your timekeeping, CRM and reporting needs

Perfect one-off cost?

We wish we could say that you never have to pay a penny to anyone ever again, but that is not true. You will have to host the software somewhere and that means a hosting contract. Much like one you have for your website. In fact, the one that you currently use for your website might already be good enough.

Otherwise, you can find hosting starting from £1.99/month through various suppliers. We suggest you get higher-end hosting, for the safety of your data but the choice is yours.

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